Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Poet and Professor Amy Tudor (far right, grey sweater) visits with our class to help jazz up our jingles.

Knowing that our signs will be red and that red is perhaps the most persnickety color,
we gave the boards a good coat of grey primer.

Kevin Parrish and Jenni Harper get to work.    

After the grey primer dried, we gave the boards a solid coat of red paint.

Elle Decker and Brigid Watters as seen from an outside window.

Brigid Watters and Jenni Harper use the tactic of masking off the letters first.

   Johnathan McCutcheon projects words and traces them before their masking.
Cherish Deeg and Jenni Harper trace letters

Cherish Deeg incorporates the tactic of painting each letter one at a time.

Discussing the future of sign placement with Open Doors Coordinator Aron Conaway
at Louisville Visual Art Association, aka "The Watertower."

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